Saturday, September 10, 2005

My latest creations ....

Here are the ones I just made today .... for some reason my scanner scanned them so that something is super imposed on top. I think I will take some windex and clean of the scanner bed ... alas, alack! But you can still see them, at any rate! Feel free to post comments if you'd like. Any suggestions are always welcome! :P

Cherish Life

A birthday card urging the recipient to 'cherish life'. A repeated stamped image with the middle one clear thick embossed. Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday, Princess!

A birthday card with an embossed dress and watermarked and white (can't see them, though) polka dots. Posted by Picasa

An anniversary card made with some cool cardstock, a square punch, a silver embossed stamped image and a little funky ribbon. Posted by Picasa

An engagement card for friends - silver card, drywall tape, vellum quote, white stamped flowers and pink ribbon. Nice and simple. Posted by Picasa